Job Title: Point of Care Testing Specialist (Lab) – Boston, MA

Job Announcement Number: 202342011

Job Description:

Under the general direction of the Medical Director of POCT (point-of-care testing), the Supervisor of POCT, and the POCT Assistant Supervisor, the POCT Specialist works with test site managers at BMC to assure adequate documentation and compliance with CAP, Joint Commission, and CLIA ’88 regulations.


Responsible to maintain a current knowledge base of technical, clinical, and regulatory aspects of all commercially available POCT methods, devices, and data management systems. Mastery of available POCT-related information resources should be obtained as a resource for BMC.

Serves as a POCT consultant to BMC laboratory, test site managers, administration, and providers as deemed appropriate by the Medical Director of POCT.

Serves as a resource to assist in solving technical problems relating to established POCT methods, devices, procedures, or data management systems.

Assists in overseeing the performance and evaluation of function checks, instrument maintenance, and test evaluations when indicated as part of troubleshooting for discrepant or unexpected results.

Assists senior POCT personnel and POCT Medical Director, relevant laboratory section, and appropriate clinical staff in selecting test methodology and data management systems that are appropriate for the anticipated clinical use, regulatory requirements, and billing mechanisms.

Assist in the verification of test procedure performance characteristics prior to clinical use. Ensure that the test methodologies have the capability of providing the quality of results required for specified patient care applications.

Assists with the timely completion, results evaluation, and appropriate corrective action for proficiency testing programs for all POCT tests.

Ensures adequate documented initial training and competency assessment of all waived testing and non-waived testing personnel involved in POCT at BMC.

Responsible for ensuring instrumentation changes and/or updates are included in written technical procedures.

Assists test site managers from all BMC patient care units and managers in establishing and maintaining appropriate Quality Control documentation to verify regulatory compliance. Review adequacy of corrective action documentation for out-of-range QC events and reports to the POCT Supervisor and/or Senior Specialist.

Assists in maintaining an Inventory Control System to ensure use of exclusively approved validated methods and avoid the use of expired reagents and supplies.

Reviews data management system during post analytic phase of POCT to ensure the results become part of the patient’s medical record in an efficient, traceable, accurate, HIPPA-compliant, and timely manner.

Assist senior POCT personnel with communication of compliance assessments to BMC test site managers, POCT Medical Director, Laboratory Administrative Director, Hospital Administration, BMC Director of Quality Improvement, and Nursing Administration. Assess opportunities to use electronic centralized data management as a tool to assess and report POCT compliance.

Demonstrates a commitment to continue self-development and scientific knowledge by maintaining continuing education and/or attending one scientific workshop per year.

Participates in department Quality Assurance (QA) program with periodic ownership of section QA projects.

Demonstrates reliability:

  • Follows Medical Center departmental policies and procedures; demonstrates consistent attendance and punctuality at work and department meetings; and completes work assignments within assigned time frames.

  • Cooperates and communicates with laboratory staff at BMC and members of other hospital departments, and other managers.

  • Works with administrators, managers, supervisors, medical directors and staff to achieve common goals.

  • Is concerned for patient welfare and is committed to the mission of BMC and its affiliations as necessary.

  • Incorporates Medical Center values into all undertakings.

  • Follows established hospital infection control and safety procedures.

Performs other duties as assigned or as needed, including cross-training of other laboratory sections when needed to assist in times of emergency.

Must adhere to all of BMC’s RESPECT behavioral standards.


Requires a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college in Medial Technology or Clinical Laboratory Science which includes successful completion of a supervised course of clinical internship in an approved hospital laboratory, or a Bachelor’s degree in an applied science (for example Chemistry, Biology or Biochemistry).


Certification by American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP) or National Credentialing Agency (NCA) or equivalent agency as a Medical Technologist, Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Medical Laboratory Technician, or specialty certification is preferred. Equivalent agency is defined as an agency that requires a degree in science from an accredited college or university with successful completion of an examination for certification. Such agencies include but are not limited to ASCP, NCA, American Medical Technologists (AMT), American Association of Bioanalysts (AAB), Health Education and Welfare (HEW), and American Society of Microbiologists (AMT).


Minimum of 3 years clinical laboratory experience


Demonstrated written and verbal communication skills. Ability to coordinate activities within a diverse organization and collaborate effectively with patient care providers and support staff at all levels. The POCT Specialist must have an in-depth scientific understanding of laboratory practices, in particular quality control and quality assurance. Knowledge of CLIA ’88, CAP, and Joint Commission regulations and accreditation process is required.

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