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KLS Workforce Solutions is a leading employment agency and human resources consultant in Atlanta GA, offering professional hiring expertise to a wide variety of industries, including medical, administrative, and more.


Customized hiring solutions that fit your business

We know how to bridge the gap between an employer and potential job candidates. The staffing professionals at KLS Workforce Solutions work efficiently with both parties to establish expectations and identify key objectives.



Talent management is a critical component of corporate administration, so why not trust the best in the industry? At KLS Workforce Solutions, we know how to attract emerging talent for your strategic growth.


Our expertise at KLS Workforce Solutions covers a broad base of healthcare specialties and fields, including physicians, nurses and medical assistants, social workers, oncology experts, and more.


KLS Workforce Solutions works closely with employers to identify the most important goals and requirements for their administrative roles and provide the best applicants for future leadership.


KLS provides personnel in accordance with the Department of Labor's guidelines and Federal Acquisition Regulations. Support services may be procured by using a variety of contract types including requirements contracts, blanket purchase agreements, government impact, and more.

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