Job Title: Medical Technologist – Chemistry Lab, Days – Boston, MA

Job Announcement Number: 202342010

Job Description:

Under the general direction of the Technical Supervisor, provides ancillary support for clinical activities by performance and appropriate interpretation of moderate and high complexity clinical laboratory tests as defined under CLIA ’88. Two years of clinical laboratory experience as a certified medical technologist are required, as well as documented expertise in the technical specialty, and the ability to provide leadership in the area of specialty.

  • Develops new tests and new testing specialty by consulting and working with physician directors of lab sections.

  • maintains inventory of all supplies related to the operation of the specialty area.

  • Implements a best workflow or practice model for the area of technical specialty.

  • Trains all other assigned staff in the technical specialty, and ensure that all training documentation is complete.

  • Assesses competency of staff to perform testing in the specialty area, and consults with Supervisors and Physician Directors on needed corrective actions.

  • After specialized training and required experience, performs moderate and high complexity tests and interprets them.

  • Acts as a resource and interprets tests for laboratory users in a manner consistent with level of training and knowledge.

  • Reviews testing and/or procedures performed by other staff to maintain compliance with regulatory agencies as required when deemed qualified to do so by the section supervisor.

  • Prioritizes STAT and routine samples.

  • Ensures accurate specimen identification and specimen labeling consistent with section and departmental standard operating procedure.

  • Ensures appropriateness of sample for requested testing obtains approval for testing, which deviates form standard operating procedure and follows up with notification to patient care unit and documentation in LIS.

  • Ensures sample testing is performed within the defined time periods for each test type based on specimen viability as outlined in section specific policies and procedures.

  • Initiates appropriate action and documents steps taken to resolve mislabeled/unlabeled or inappropriate specimens in a manner consistent with Departmental Policies and Procedures and with the Departmental Service Mission.

  • Identifies labeling problems or discrepancies; informs other laboratory sections about patient identification or medical record number problems.

  • Ensures that prepared samples are stored according to standard operating procedure (e.g. refrigerated, frozen, incubated).

  • Ensures aliquotting and processing of specimens is performed within established time limits for each test. Accessions specimens according to standard operating procedure.

  • Performs instrument and equipment maintenance as defined by each section’s policy and procedures. Recognizes instrument, equipment or methodology problems and/or discrepancies and bring them, with documentation, to the attention of the appropriate parties. These may include Assistant Supervisor, Supervisor, Physician Director, or service company.

  • Performs QC procedures and assesses Quality Control data according to Section Policy and Procedures.

  • Recognizes technical and non-technical problems/discrepancies in laboratory operations and brings these problems/discrepancies to the attention of the appropriate parties. These may include Assistant Supervisor, Supervisor, Physician Director, or service company.

  • Performs analytic testing assesses the validity of their results according to Section policy and procedures.

  • Maintains clear, concise, accurate and legible records of test performance.

  • Provides proper documentation and records of all test procedures performed.

  • Reviews patient results, recognizes problems and/or discrepancies. Investigates and performs additional testing to resolve problematic patient test results to the extent possible, documents involved activities and notifies Assistant Supervisor, Supervisor, or Physician Director.

  • Transcribes results/information with accuracy into LIS system.

  • Appends appropriate coded comments as required by section standard operating procedures.

  • Uses LIS to promote clarity and correct interpretation of laboratory results.

  • Reviews entered LIS codes as required by section standard operating procedures for transcription accuracy prior to completing processing or reporting test results.

  • Notifies appropriate person of all Critical Alert Values according to department/section policies. Provides documentation of all Critical Alert Values in LIS as required.

  • Notifies appropriate person of all required call back of results. Provides complete documentation of all call backs in LIS and as required.

  • Maintains proficiency for all designated LIS functions as outlined in section specific policies and procedures.

  • Provides proper documentation of receipt and implementation of reagents/lots/materials.

  • Ensures adequate Blood inventories are maintained according to standard operating procedures consistent with level with level of training and experience (Blood Bank only).

  • Ensures all work is completed and/or accounted for according to section policy.

  • Assist other laboratory sections as needed when directed by supervisory staff members.

  • Participates in Quality Advancement/Quality Improvement activities according to Departmental policies and procedures.

  • Maintains initial and annual competency documentation as outlined in section policies and procedures.

  • Maintains age specific competency for all tests/procedures performed as required by regulatory agencies.

  • Attends departmental continuing education classes during the year.

  • Participates in scientific or service-related continuing education classes.

  • Attends all scheduled staff meetings or, if unable, accepts responsibility for reading meeting minutes during work time.

  • Supports education of Medical Technology students, Pathology residents, new staff and others through participation in teaching activities, which may be didactic, and/or “benchside “.

  • Supports technical training of departmental staff members, encompassing new employees, new procedures and crosstraining.

  • Participates on all Sectional, Department, or Hospital committees or task forces as available.

  • Communicates all important information regarding the laboratory (ie. Inventory, testing status and instrument status) to fellow staff members.

  • Answers the telephone according to departmental policy; responds to inquiries/requests.

  • Works cooperatively with other laboratory staff members and takes initiative to determine where assistance is needed and renders assistance.

  • Reports all incidents, safety hazards or accidents to appropriate personnel.

  • Attends mandatory safety education sessions to keep informed of changes regarding safety issues.

  • Respects patient and employee confidentiality.

  • Keeps equipment and work area neat, orderly and well stocked; puts supplies away when received.

  • Performs assignments with a minimum of direction and is available to help others.

  • Maintains open communication with Supervisors and Medical Directors.

  • Plans and prioritizes tasks and adjusts to variable workloads.

  • Assesses the inventory on a weekly basis in assigned work area and notifies Supervisor of supply needs.

  • Utilizes Medical Center’s values as the basis for decision-making and to facilitate the division’s mission.

  • Follows established Hospital Infection Control and Safety procedures.

  • Performs other duties as assigned or as needed.


Requires a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college in Medical Technology or Clinical Laboratory Science which includes successful completion of a supervised course of clinical internship in an approved hospital laboratory, or a Bachelor’s degree in an applied science (Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry).


Preferred: Certification by American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP) or National Credentialing Agency (NCA) or equivalent agency as a Medical Technologist, Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Medical Laboratory Technician, or specialty certification.


Two years of clinical laboratory experience as a certified medical technologist are required, as well as documented expertise in the technical specialty, and the ability to provide leadership in the area of specialty


  • Knowledge of clinical laboratory science and standards necessary to perform high complexity tests as defined by CLIA and ability to accurately report results.

  • Analytic abilities to perform highly complex testing as defined under CLIA 88 to interpret findings, perform calculations, calibrate instruments, review highly complex testing performed by other employees as defined by CLIA guidelines and so forth.

  • Ability to maintain compliance with all regulatory agency (e.g. JCAHO, CAP, FDA AABB) requirements.

  • Manual/visual dexterity necessary to prepare specimens, prepare solutions, screen specimens and operate a computer software system. Requires English verbal and written language skills sufficient to exchange information with physicians, interact with other technologists, etc.

  • Ability to perform venipuncture techniques.

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