Job Title: Market Ethics and Compliance and Privacy Officer – Kennewick, WA

Job Announcement Number: 202342020

Job Description Summary

To perform this job, an individual must perform each essential function satisfactorily with or without a reasonable accommodation.

  • Manages the day-to-day operation of the compliance program. This includes monitoring adherence to policies and procedures intended to detect, address and prevent illegal, unethical, or improper conduct.

  • The Market ECO and PO will work in collaboration with the Business Integrity Partner team and the market leadership team to implement the HSC compliance program.

  • In cases where compliance failures are identified through an investigation, the Market ECO and PO will participate in the development of corrective action recommendations. The Market ECO and PO will be responsible for developing and implementing a framework to ensure consistent corrective action recommendations across the market.

  • The Market ECO and PO will be responsible for the oversight of the privacy program and resolution of potential privacy related issues.

  • Upon request, the Market ECO and PO will participate in or otherwise support internal investigations conducted by other functional areas, including Human Resources, Legal, Risk, Privacy and Security.

  • The Market ECO and PO shall maintain confidentiality and discretion regarding all work matters, and fully comply with all legal and ethical obligations, the Company Code of Conduct, and the Code of Ethics for Healthcare Professionals adopted by the Health Care Compliance Association.

  • Regular and reliable attendance.

  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Additional Information:

Position serves both internal co-workers and external customers, clients, patients, contractors, and vendors.

Access to and/or works with sensitive and/or confidential information.

Exhibit a thorough understanding of healthcare regulatory and compliance and an ability to analyze legal requirements. Skilled in the application and interpretation of policies and procedures.


Bachelor’s Degree, other appropriate degree, or equivalent experience.

Minimum 7+ related experience in healthcare compliance, regulatory and/or operational expertise required.

Ability to travel between two facilities

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